Dolphin Massager


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Most peoples' reaction to the Dolphin Massager is that it is pure magic! Looking at the fins of the dolphin, you will notice that they are contoured in the same shape as a thumb. The four fins are like four thumbs, and are designed perfectly to sculpt into your muscles. This is especially beneficial when you place those four fins over the spine and glide your Dolphin Massager up and down the long muscles of the back.

This  Dolphin Massager also has two small arches, one from front to back and one from side to side. These arches allow your Dolphin to roll around the contours of the body and literally 'hug' the muscles. This feeling of 'total contact' can feel even better than hands.

The Acrylic Dolphin Massager is perfect to sell as an accessory with our relaxing massage oils, massage candles or any other type of aromatherapy products or you could create an aromatherapy kit allowing your customers the pleasure of spoiling themselves or purchasing as a gift.   


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